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Here at Trademark Services we pride ourselves on supporting our customers and promoting energy efficiency within the home.

We partner with Local Authorities and Installers in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire area to help promote energy efficiency and deliver Government backed home improvement schemes.

With our team of experienced independent surveyors in the field we are able to support our customers and partners with achieving their energy saving goals, our team of well trained surveyors are able to cover large areas of varying demographic in a professional and efficient manner.

Our surveyors specialise in conducting house by house assessments of possible energy savings that can benefit not only the environment but also decrease the householder’s energy bills.

Meet our Surveyors

Our highly trained and experienced surveyors are well versed in the types of grants and options avaliable to homeowners wanting to make their homes more efficient.

Whether you are interested in External or Cavity Wall insulation, Replacement Boilers, Central or Storage heating systems, Loft Insulation or even Double Glazed Windows, our Surveyors can point you in the right direction!

Tony Rockliffe
Steven Galloway
Trevor Whittaker